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How to Design a Landing Page in 5 Steps

How to Design a Landing Page in 5 Steps

You spent hours building the perfect Instagram ad. You ran the copy by all your friends and family, the creative attracts attention, and it gets your message across. You have a well-targeted audience using retargeting tools like lookalike audiences and your . Facebook Pixel 
Your ad is getting clicks and views…but for some reason, the ad isn’t converting.
The issue may be your landing page.
It’s our opinion that the landing page should have equal, if not greater, time expenditure.
After, all, you have unlimited freedom as to how this page will look as compared to an advertisement where you are limited on everything.

Your ad’s landing page needs to have the following characteristics:
The first thing you need to do is name the page something that says what it is. If you are running an ad to get people to sign up for an online class you are offering you should name the page something like Platforms like Facebook will show your URL in the ad, depending on your campaign settings, and you want to use every inch of space they provide you in your favor. Thoroughly naming a page like this will help you down the road when you need to find it quickly or turn an ad back on without opening the ad up to see which link it is sending traffic to. ​
The best way to make an ad is to start the process from your customers point of view. Imagine you saw a beautiful ad and clicked on it to make a purchase, only to come to a landing page that looked clunky, possibly spammy, or used different art than the ad you clicked on. This would give you some pause. It could be the reason your ad isn’t working!

If you have a really nice piece of creative content, use it at the top of the landing page. Stick with the same color schemes and language style you used in the ad on your page. People love consistency. It’s the quickest way to gain trust. All of your marketing from top to bottom needs to have the same look and feel.
If you are a seasoned advertiser on social media and Google you will not need to make any changes regarding this. For those just starting out, you want to make sure you have the Facebook Pixel installed if you are running FB or IG ads and Google Tag Manager properly installed on your buttons and pages if you are running Google Ads.You can read to learn more about Google Tags and how to install them.You can also always call the pros at and we can take care of this for you quickly.
Installing these on your site will let you track how many page visitors you are getting and where they are coming from. You will also be able to use this information to create new audiences. Now you can have a top of funnel ad that shows to everyone who has an interest in what your class teaches and a lower-funnel ad that only shows to people who have visited your webpage, filled out the form, watched a certain percentage of your video, or endless other tracking options!
If you are selling a product this will come naturally at check out. For example, posting this ad to get people to sign up for our online class, you will want to install either a lightbox (image below) on the site or a form for individuals to give you their contact information.
We recommend against lightboxes as they can come off as spammy. For this example, however, if you are selling a product you may want to offer a discount in exchange for an email or phone number. There are many great plugins for building lightboxes that are free to install.
Like we mentioned in the beginning, a landing page has no restrictions as compared to an ad. We recommend to all of our clients that they give some additional info underneath the sign-up form. Video and infographics are hot right now. You can hire someone for cheap on sites like Fiverr to create these for you.
What this does, besides providing additional info, is it keeps the user on the page. Seeing how all things online play into So there you have it! A few key factors on what makes a good landing page. It is easy to get caught up in the building of the ad or finding the right copy. Make sure your website and landing pages are getting the attention they deserve and SEO, you can actually gain some great SEO juice by keeping people on the page. Time spent on-page is a big factor for Google. If visitors are spending longer amounts of time on your page because they’re watching a video or reading an infographic, this will signal to Google that your site is providing value and deserves to be ranked higher!
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