Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Double Dip on Your Next Blog

Double Dip on Your Next Blog

As Google’s algorithm matures, the days of keyword stuffing are long gone. It used to be that if you used the right keyword enough times per page you would be rewarded with a first-page placement.
Not so much anymore.
Now Google’s crawlers are smarter than ever. Able to decipher between computer-generated content and human written copy, authoritative and legitimate information is the bare minimum.
Not only does it have to be real, it must be useful. Things like time-on-page and social shares are more meaningful to Google because this shows that the public trusts you.
This blog will walk you through not only how to create meaningful content but also double dip on every single one of your blogs forever.
Let’s begin with selecting a topic.
Google makes money a million different ways but for this discussion, we will only talk about their search engines. Google makes its money by supplying you with accurate answers. A user (the customer) searches a topic and is presented with a series of results like links, shopping items, images, videos, or a Google Maps address. Google wants to provide you with this answer as quickly as possible so that you use their service again to find the answer to your next question. Because Google hosts PPC ads on almost every search query, your return searches mean more money for Google.
So, for Google to show your site on an organic search, you need to answer a question or be the solution. One of the best ways to take a simple keyword and find what people are searching for on Google concerning that topic is AnswerThePublic.com. This website pulls data from Google and other search engines and presents you with a list of questions people have searched for concerning this topic. Now that we have our list of questions we can look at search volume to see which questions will be the most advantageous for us to write about.
Find the perfect question and begin to write!
But wait…before we start writing let’s take a more holistic look at search engines and how we can rank better and quicker.
As previously stated one of the fastest-growing factors to get your site ranked is time spent on-page. The way Google sees it, the more time spent on a page, the more valuable your page is. After all, in today’s fast-paced world, no one is sitting on a web page that isn’t giving them what they want.
So, what’s the best way to keep someone on a page for a long period of time? A video!
As if you didn’t already know (you’re probably not even still reading this blog) people have short attention spans. We prefer information in video format because it’s even less work for us. This has been proven time and time again whether its Facebook adding the Watch section to your app’s nav bar, or your kid watching their 100th consecutive hour of Tik Tok.
So, let’s make a video! Instead of writing a blog and working out the perfect sentence, we can just speak! Film yourself in front of your business talking about this issue for 5 minutes. Use still images to create a slide show over your voice. Or even better, show us. Teach your audience how to replace an air filter, or spread that mulch in a flower bed. Whatever it may be, it's probably more interesting on video.
Create a YouTube channel under the same name as your site, load up the description with appropriate links and keywords, apply relevant tags, and publish.
But how is that a blog? You may ask.
It’s not…yet. After we have uploaded the video to YouTube, pull up the video on your phone and open Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Depending on which program you choose the next step will differ but we will use Google Docs for this example.
Up on the top bar click “Tools” and then “ Voice Typing “.
Got your YouTube video out on your phone?
Once recording, start the video. Google will begin creating a document that will act as a transcript to your video. Let the video play out and then go through the document for wrong words as this is still not a perfect system.
You now have a blog AND a video! Start linking up that transcript, upload it to your website, and embed your YouTube link to the post. YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine (behind Google) so having even more content here is like double dipping on every blog you make. You also don’t have to spend hours hunched over a keyboard.
With Google owning YouTube putting your content here is a no brainer. Just like GMB, the Google search engine loves content inside its own ecosystem because it has more control. Your posts here will serve you well into the future and who knows…you may be able to monetize some of your better videos and create another stream of income. Reach out to the SEO experts here at Mad Mango Marketing today!

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