Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Creating a Google Map Pack Ad

Creating a Google Map Pack Ad

What is The Google Map Pack?
The Google Map Pack Shows the 3 most relevant businesses based on your search, location and their reviews. The Google Map Pack displays photos, reviews and a location of a business. However, you are also eligible to show up at the top of this group by creating an ad in Google Ad words. Follow this step by step instructional blog to create an ad of your own! If not, and you’d like us to take the reins on your
online advertising , take a look at our page and contact us by phone or email. 
Step 1: Navigate through the Google Adwords Dashboard till you reach the extensions tab. ​
From here you will select ‘Campaigns’ on the far left. Select your desired campaign.
Select Ads & extensions’ on the left
Step 2: Creating the extension
 Click on the blue plus arrow and select ‘Location extension’
You will be prompted to choose from these 3 options:
Select curated locations ,Find a Google My Business account, and Link to a Google My Business account I know.
We will select the second option. From here select your desired GMB account
You will see all of your location options here. ​
Press finish and you are done! You will find your new location extension ad in the extensions tab.
Why are Google Map Pack Ads Valuable?

Get ahead of your competition
In industries that are heavily dependent on bringing customers to their physical location, these types of ads can provide a massive leg up on your competition. Showing up in the Google map pack allows you to customers to contact you by phone, visit your website, or directly input directions to your location in their GPS.
Boost your SEO
Apart from being a great help in PPC campaigns, these ads grant an additional boost to your website’s SEO. Since these ads tend to be rich in quality and relevant text they will be prioritized by Google when determining ranking.
Increase your Click Through Rate Google reports that nearly
⅓ of user traffic is related to a location in some way. So this should be an easy grab for all business owners.
Boost Brand Awareness and Free Impressions
You have the possibility to consistently show up on Google Maps for search queries you aren’t organically ranking for.
A great perk to Google Advertising is if you don’t get a click, you don’t pay for it — so you could potentially get your business’ name in front of 1000 people for free when someone searches for “bars near me.” but don’t receive the click.
The next time those people drive by, do a Google search, or see one of your ads, they have a far greater chance of becoming a customer since your name has become more recognizable.
In conclusion
​Sometimes you don’t need extensive advertising campaigns to generate sales, all you need is to show customers that you exist!

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